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Our focus at Nisa Expo...

Stella Artois and Leffe Christmas Showcase, with Stella Artois in 1926, Brouwerij Artois launched Stella as a Christmas beer, named after the Christmas star. First sold in the winter season, it eventually became available year-round, activating with Leffe Blond as an elegant, smooth and fruity Belgian abbey style beer the perfect trade up and treat for the Christmas occasion. We aim to bring some excitement for the opportunity that there is to get behind these brands and build awareness of how they can be displayed in store.

Come and chat to us about...

How to lead the category in Beer, discuss the use of planograms and correct ranging, as well as how best to create displays in store and the importance of PMP’s and beer food bundle pairings to maximise the shoppers basket.

Exclusive deals on the day...

We will have three amazing deals on the day on three of our most exciting SKUs:

  • Leffe 4x440ml - £2.50 off per case

  • Stella Artois Unfiltered 4x440ml - £3.00 off per case

  • Stella Artois 4x568ml £7.59 - £2.00 off per case

Don't miss out on...

The opportunity to buy in to three amazing deals that will never been seen again on some of our biggest and most exciting SKUs. Also, the opportunity to meet the Budweiser Brewing Group team, face to face and see how we can help support you and your local communities needs.

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